According to a study, vapers are more likely to suffer from Erectile dysfunction than men who do not vape.

E-cigarette users are nearly two times more likely to suffer Erectile dysfunction than those who don’t use vapes in the study published this week within the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.
The first step to investigate the connection between smoking cigarettes and sexual wellness, scientists examined self-reported data of more than 13,000 males aged 20 or older who participated by the national Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Study.

People who reported daily e-cigarette usage reported being 2.2 percentage points more likely to have Erectile dysfunction than men who did not use vaping regardless of additional risk factors.

In a less-studied sample of men under 65 years old with regular BMIs and no prior history of heart disease, the trend remained that Vapers are 2.4 percent more likely to suffer ED as non-vapers.
While some may see vaping as a better alternative to smoking cigarettes, taking excessive amounts of nicotine will always have risks, as principal creator Omar El Shahawy, MD, said to Insider.

“Overall, e-cigarettes are likely less harmful than smoking cigarettes to the degree that they substitute cigarette smoking,” El Shahawy, assistant professor in the Department of Population Health at NYU Langone, wrote in an email to Insider.

“For men who smoke and want to switch because vaping is less harmful, they should try to limit their vaping because it is simply not risk free,” he said.
Rates of ED could be higher than what they appear. However, the authors acknowledged the possibility of bias in self-reported data regarding rates of vaping and ED.